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Amenities and Facilities Of Melbourne Residence

1. Exclusive Pools - Refreshing cool water pools for the luxurious living of the residents of Melbourne Residence. The blazing hot summers of the residents can be easily chilled with the amazing swimming pool available at the property. The kids can learn how to swim and practice in the pool on a regular basis with this huge swimming pool.

2. Open Courtyards - Four open courtyards are present at Melbourne Residence that is full of lush green surroundings. The courtyards are the best places to relax and refresh as the residents can enjoy the cool refreshing breeze that keeps blowing day and night. These courtyards can be used for mild walks in one air that relaxes not just the body but also one's mind.

3. 24*7 Water Supply - Clean supply of water is available for the convenient living of the residents at Melbourne Residence. The residents can avail the benefits of twenty-four hour supply of water every day.

4. Eco-Friendly Tower - An eco-friendly environment is what Melbourne Residence believes in. The four large courtyards offer a constant flow of cool natural breeze, the parking podium is also accessible by the natural air of the surroundings that decreases the pollution caused by the automobiles.


5. 24*7 Security - The entrance and the exit points of Melbourne Residence are guarded by professional security guards who are dedicated professionals available at the property to serve the residents of the property. Additionally, all the incoming non-residential members are well monitored by the security professionals.

6. Playground - A huge playground is accommodated in Melbourne Residence for the playing sessions of the kids. With the increasing popularity of technical gadgets, the kids are being deviated from their gaming sessions to the hand held devices, in such a scenario a playground has been wisely incorporated in the property.


7. Roof deck Path for Jogging - A roof deck path for jogging purposes of the residents of Melbourne Residence is also incorporated in the property. One can easily head out for the morning as well as evening jogging sessions to keep healthy and hearty having mesmerizing surroundings around.


8. Transportation Accessibility - It is extremely easy for the residents of Melbourne Residence to avail the public means of transport. Due to the prime and convenient location of the property, one can avail easy access to all kinds of transportation.


9. Gymnasium - A well-equipped gymnasium for the use of the residents is designed and built for the usage of the residents. The gym is equipped with the best equipment such that the residents can enjoy the benefits of the same.

  • Eco-friendly Building
  • Water Features
  • Exclusive Pools
  • Roofdeck Jogging Path
  • Four Open Courtyards
  • Landscape Architecture
  • 27/7 Security
  • Transportation Accessibility
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